Panels: 6
Surface: Unique embossing / Grain.
Casing Material (Top): Exclusive rubber with tracky / grippy surface especially suitable for wet / muddy conditions.
Top Finish / Color: White and Orange.
Backing Linnings: 2 Layer of fabric with rubber adhesive witch gives it true flight. This helps control the shape of the ball, durability & the shape of the ball during the game.
Plastic Tunnel: Plastic pipe for making a good shape of the ball.
Air-Matteress Layer: Air-Matteress Layer is of 5.5-6.0mm thick it makes the ball soft, withouth compromising the bounce and shape of the ball.
Linning Adhesive: Latex, making ball supple and soft.
Bladder: Special Latex Bladder, which makes the ball supple, especially in different climate conditions. Stitching Thread: 100% Polyester twisted.
Ball weight (g): 345 – 360.
Circumference: 210mm (Lenght) 165mm (Short).


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